Make your own Workbook by collecting the chapters you download from this website in the official Manifesta Workbook binder; Order here
The Manifesta Workbook is a collection of resources to facilitate the access to various approaches to art mediation as developed during the successive Manifesta Biennials and beyond. In keeping with the literal sense of its name, the Workbook is intended as a tool to open the debate on a wider platform, rather than merely as a theoretical publication on the subject of art mediation.   

The Workbook is organised as an expanding collection of non-linear, separately downloadable chapters. Each of these chapters addresses a topical subject in the field of art mediation and includes a hands-on assignment. This provides you with a platform for discussion, including inspirational ideas for developing art mediation projects and practical guidelines how to put developed skills and knowledge into practice.    
You are welcome to print each of the chapters as many times as you wish, and you are encouraged to use them for personal reference and especially for group workshops with colleagues and visitors.  

Gallery Education – or preferably Art Mediation – today is a vibrant field. Recently, throughout the whole of the visual arts sector one can observe a proliferation of education-based practices.  Old methods and prejudices are being cast aside, sparking a strong debate on the role and function of education in exhibition settings. In turn, much lacking theory on the subject is being developed and published. However, to date relatively little material has been available to open up this discussion to a wider audience.