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The Workbook is organised as an expanding collection of non-linear, separately downloadable chapters. Each of these chapters addresses a topical subject in the field of art mediation and includes a hands-on assignment. To find out how and when to use the workbook start by downloading the manual. Full PDF here

The process of designing an art mediation format should be a shared one. Just as art mediation itself is a process of dialogue, the design of an art mediation format should also be a process involving all the art mediators who will work with the format. Full PDF here

A school class is visiting the Manifesta 7 exhibition in Bolzano with an Art Mediator. The pupils are each choosing an everyday object and then placing them in the exhibition as they see fit. Full PDF here

What do we actually mean when we speak about art mediation? What do you actually mean when you speak of art mediation? Do the following test to find out. Full PDF here

None of us has ever been as light as a feather, nor during a discussion have we literally used a hammer to hit the nail on the head. Metaphors create a discourse that runs parallel to the content proper. This makes them a handy tool for art mediation. Full PDF here

Art rarely just comes along in our everyday lives. Art is usually framed within an exhibition by architecture, curatorial concepts, museum institutions and the whole art business. This framework implies a number of functions: Full PDF here

You could stay in the meeting room with your education team and work through the meeting agenda point by point. You could also release, chop the onion, and explore what happens. Full PDF here

You enter the museum’s exhibition gallery, look around and observe the works on display. Your attention might first be triggered by a visual fascination, a sensorial reaction to an image or object. Then the mind joins in... Full PDF here

Thinking gallery education as collaboration with publics rather than or in addition to developing programs for the general public or specific target groups is a thought that structures the practice of many critical gallery educators... Full PDF here

The Action Mill presents three tools from the Toolbox Prototype as developed for Manifesta 8. Including suggestions on how the tools, originally developed in a community action setting, can be used in an art mediation context. Full PDF here

Art mediation is like standing (or being placed) on a stage, it has a performative character. The setting of an exhibition encourages certain rituals. How can we invite visitors with us on to the stage? Full PDF here

A goal is a conscious and tangible idea of something we want to achieve within a measurable timeframe. Though when we work with goals, the more basic and unconscious layers of thought also always resonate… Full PDF here

Stay tuned for upcoming content in the future.

Stay tuned for upcoming content in the future.

Stay tuned for upcoming content in the future.